Smart Keeps the good going through PayITfwd

Jul 4, 2013

Wireless leader Smart Communication,Inc.(Smart)launches its  latest advocacy program-the PayITfwd.

Pay it forward is a new social development initiative that aims to enable the spread of social good acts or 'smart acts' using technology.

It can be a retiree who  trains the  unemployed women in the community on livelihood crafts,or the group of athletes that holds sports clinic.The  college  students who help instill in low -performing grade school pupils the love of reading and learning.The group of athletes that holds  sports clinics for street children.These extraordinary deeds by ordinary people can,and do,make a positive difference in this world.

"The goal is to  support,promote,expand ,enhance,reward and enable social good efforts that foster learning through technology.With PayITfwd,social good advocates can scale up and even encourage the public to support their cause",said Ramon Isberto,head of Smart Public Affairs Group.

Through the initiative,Smart is looking for individuals or groups that are already doing  community-  based project that contribute  to learning or expansion of knowledge in various field such as education ,environment ,disaster preparedness,health,livelihood and sports.

 Here is the the mechanics.

To know more about PayITfwd,visit

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